Better Leaders.

We support progressive public servants in our local communities and candidates for the state legislature.

Better Government.

We strive to elect leaders committed to inclusive government and responsive representation to help Indiana meet future challenges and opportunities.

Better Indiana.

We believe we have a shared responsibility for the future of our state and support organizations that strive to improve the lives of all Hoosiers.

Looking Ahead...

In 2020, your help and support sent three new Representatives to our Hoosier Legislature. Representatives Mike Andrade, Mitch Gore and Renee Pack joined previous Better Indiana candidates, Senator J.D. Ford and Representative Carey Hamilton, this legislative session. These officials you helped to elect are representing all Hoosiers’ interests during an unprecedented legislative session. Their victories remind us that positive change can happen, and that there is much work still to be done in Indiana.


Better Indiana will continue supporting progressive public servants in our backyards who are committed to inclusive government, responsive representation, and policies that move Indiana forward. Recent success in Georgia offers many important, universal lessons:  

  • Invest in the long game. Change does not happen overnight.

  • Invest in state and local races. Change trickles up.

  • Realize the value of “losing better” and “failing forward”.

  • Look beyond the boom-bust cycle of individual elections.


All of these learnings fit with the mission and vision of Better Indiana as we look for long-term investments in candidates and our political organizations.


Please help us continue this work. 




Rep. House District 12

"Better Indiana provided my campaign with the resources needed to win a heavily contested seat by over 5,000 votes.


I am confident Better Indiana will continue to create positive change in Indiana and will impact many more elections to come.” 


Help Us Make a Better Indiana

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