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Better Leaders.

We support progressive public servants in our local communities and candidates for the state legislature.

Better Government.

We strive to elect leaders committed to inclusive government and responsive representation to help Indiana meet future challenges and opportunities.

Better Indiana.

We believe we have a shared responsibility for the future of our state and support organizations that strive to improve the lives of all Hoosiers.


For six years, Better Indiana has been helping Democrats get elected in municipalities where winning seemed impossible. 


Success at the municipal level helps build the party and make more—and bigger—elections winnable because these elections are the platform for public service. Municipal elections are winnable with hard work and less money than a statewide election and help in our long-term goal to make Indiana a politically-competitive state. 


The greatest opportunity to do just that lies in municipal elections across the northern suburbs. An incredible number of worthy candidates are ready to fight and win in Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Whitestown, and Indianapolis. 


Winning in future election cycles and at the statewide level starts by winning the entire metro Indy area. This is the next step in a building a Better Indiana. 


Better Indiana is uniquely positioned to make this happen. We know the districts, the candidates, and the organizations who are working hard to win. Our 2023 Municipal Victory Fund exists to strategically help the most candidates in the most important elections. 


If you want a better Indiana, supporting this effort now matters. Your support will make a difference to the candidates who have stepped up and are willing to work hard to serve their communities. They are our future leaders. 

Will you help us by making an investment in a Better Indiana today? Click the button below to donate to our Municipal Victory Fund.




“Much of my success is due to Better Indiana. A group of thoughtful citizens got together because they were tired of extreme policies and politicians in our state. They helped my campaign raise the necessary funds to be competitive in a State Senate race. I look forward to working with them to continue to build a Better Indiana.”


Help Us Make a Better Indiana

Thanks for making a Better Indiana! We will be in touch.

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